Monday, December 21, 2009

Upward and Onward to Flagstaff, Arizona

It took me a while to get started today having spent the last four days living in a hotel putting the finishing touches on the book, selling Hump Jumpers and starting a new Scooter book. Think of this, my car is full of my toys: kayak, scuba gear, golf clubs, skis, and bike.  Also, stuffed inside is my office: computer, printer, office photographic supplies, Hump Jumpers and what clothes might fit.  Consequently, when I spend time at a stop the office gets set up and dismantling is a bugger.
Today I headed to Flagstaff, Arizona, a place I have often thought to be a potential place to live. A college town in the mountains with four season, ski area, water and easy access to California and New Mexico. When I arrive there is snow on the ground, and it is cold!  I have worn my sandals all day and now must walk through the snow and ice to get to my hotel.  BURR!

Trying to find someplace to eat, I happen upon Ruby Tuesday. How lucky can I be, I meet another delightful waitress, Christine.  Christine is a sophomore at Coconine Community College in Flagstaff, and hopes to continue her education next year at the University of Arizona.  The best of luck and good wishes to you my dear.
Listening to the stories of my fund drive, Christine admits her grandfather passed away with Alzheimer’s. It still amazes me the number of people I have met who recount stories of how this disease has touched their mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, close relative or friend.  Some speak of a friend of a friend and tell a heart felt story. I must admit, it is heart wrenching listening to them and learning how their family coped with the situation, some successfully and a few tragically. Thank you, Christine.
Merry Christmas and Happy Travels