Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Old Monroe, Missouri

Time for me to leave the warmth of Florida, and my friends in Atlanta for today I am heading to Missouri. 

Love to my friends

Marsha, Lisa and Rusty


I have to make Missouri by Saturday because my friends, Mike and Linda Kasevich, have planned my weekend.  Saturday night a family picnic with bonfire and hayride, then  Sunday is my presentation.  All this outdoors and it is November in Missouri.  When I arrived it was 70 degrees, and I could wear my sandals. Hurray for me!

I am now in the flood plains and Tornado Alley!  Welcome to Missouri the “Show Me State” where it is now raining, cold and damp.  It's Wednesday and still raining - this sign is so true seeing the roads and fields flooded.
Fortunate for me, with this weather, Linda has time to proof reading my book, and I am taking the time to finish Life and Times in Island Falls, Aroostook County, Maine and hopefully sending it off to the printers.  Linda claims it is a fun read and the stories everyone submitted add great local flavor. I am so excited and can't wait to see and hold the finished book. 
I have to ask, I thought I knew my geography and where the states were in relation to each other.  Being a tour director, this is something I should know.  Does anyone out know that to get to Missouri from Atlanta you must drive through Kentucky?  I had mapped my route, but when I saw the welcome to Kentucky sign in the dark at seven thirty at night, I was sure I was lost.   I quickly called Anne and Mike, and neither knew Kentucky was on my route.  We quickly discovered, on a dark, rainy, cold night  with no road signs in site, I really needed my stolen GPS. Yes, you do drive through Kentucky and cross both the Mississippi and Missouri River to get to Old Monroe, Missouri.

This weekend is  St. Paul UCC Churches 150th anniversary and I want to move on.  I want to see where I am going, get to warmth, and I want so to find home. But I just might stay for the Ice Cream Social and Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday.

Happy travels